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Strategies Unleashed Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian company which has been trading since 2002.

For over a decade, our company has been supplying retailers and promotional product companies in Australia and abroad with unique electronic gifts, toys and gadgets, many of which have been designed in-house and carry Australian IP registrations.

In recognising the future of portable battery power and the importance of emission-free energy systems, Power Buddy® power stations have been developed to be a convenient gasoline-free alternative to generators.

Being based on Lithium battery technology, Power Buddy® products carry many advantages over traditional generators including being lighter, noise free, emission free and standalone (ability to charge from solar energy).

We will actively pursue opportunities that may allow our products to help improve quality of life through raising standards of living in areas of the world where power shortages limit growth and development. At the same time we are dedicated to social responsibility, and helping the environment.

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