Power Buddy®

A New Standard in Mobile Power Stations

Coming in 2024

Power Buddy® mobile power stations go anywhere, and run almost anything – quietly and safely.

With powerful lithium batteries that hold charge up to a full year, your Power Buddy will always be ready when you need it. And when it eventually runs low, it takes just seconds to swap in a freshly charged one. You can recharge in just a few hours with a standard household power point, or on the go with solar panels or a car 12V power socket.

Charge or operate multiple devices simultaneously through a wide variety of socket types, including 230V AC, USB A, USB C, 12V car socket, and even an integrated 15W mobile phone wireless charging pad.

With our efficient inverter technology built from the ground up, a Power Buddy will keep you going longer, and cooler, with less fan noise and risk of shutdown due to overheating.

Safety Features

Power Buddy mobile power stations are designed to perform above and beyond mandatory Australian safety standards. They have been vigorously tested throughout development. The Power Buddy® PRO 2300 will feature Patent Pending 2021215199 Fast Swap Battery Connector Spark Suppression Technology, avoiding the risk of arcing and connector burnout.

Unlike large, heavy, and noisy fuel generators, Power Buddy mobile power stations run extremely quietly and are emission-free, which means you can use them indoors. Furthermore, advanced thermal management extends the lifespan of your Power Buddy even in extreme temperatures.

Suitable for

Boating / marine

Camping / caravans

Emergency power – blackouts

Picnics / beach

Medical backup / CPAP

Construction sites / workshops

Street performances / musicians

Creative production – video and filming


And much more…

Register your interest in a Power Buddy now, and receive the chance to win a Power Buddy® Compact 600 mobile power station when the product is released.

Compact Light Powerful Ultra-Quiet Safe

Power Buddy® has design registrations, trademarks and a pending patent in multiple countries.

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